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Adventure Camp Itinerary




June 24th-June 28th

July 15th-July 19th 

Times: 9am-4pm

(early drop off and late pick up options available)

Drop Off and Pick Up location: Waller’s Coffee Shop (Decatur, Ga.)



Team Building, Problem Solving, STEAM, Exploration, and Outdoor Adventure

Summit Academy Adventures is excited to offer this Adventure Camp for kids ages 8-13 years old. Each day is designed to immerse the participants in outdoor activities that will invigorate and challenge them to reach their full potential! 

Sign up today for an adventure of a lifetime!

Day 1: Urban Hiking Adventure (Hahn Woods to Lullwater Trails)

  • ●  Urban hike through the forests around Emory University

    • Shelter building

    • Knot Tying 

    • Building Campfires

    • Navigation (creating topographic maps)

  • ●  Team Building/Sports games on       Emory University athletic fields

  • ●  Afternoon Ice Cream 

Day 2: Etowa Native American Mounds

  •  Natural and Cultural exploration of Native american Tribes from Georgia

    • Hiking the Etowa Mounds

    • How did the Native American Tribes live WITH the land?

    • Native American Survival Skills

    • Native American cooking 

    • Creating Native American Allegories (legends with lessons) 


Day 3: Legacy Park - Team Building/Problem Solving/Art

●  Team Building/Problem Solving               Games

●  Snack

●  Navigation/compass lesson 

●  Team Hike (using new navigation            and compass skills)

●  Outdoor Nature Art lesson with local     Atlanta artist 

●  Team Building/Problem Solving               Games

Day 4: Sweetwater Creek State Park

●  Water ecology lesson 

●  River/Stream hike with ecology                 exploration

●  River/Stream Scavenger Hunt 

●  Afternoon ice cream

Day 5: Color War! 

● Color War games/Team Building              Games

●  Kickball game/Capture the flag

●  Break/Snack

●  Outdoor Dance Party 

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